TIps to Survive a Great White Attack

1. Tips for Surviving a Shark Attack

2. Do not play dead. Instead, get away from the site as fast as possible, especially if there is blood in the water, which will only attract other sharks. As crazy as it sounds, try to remain calm.

3. If you can, hit the shark in the gills, not its nose-as it is often believed-as it is very close to its mouth.

4. Also, if you are able, go for the shark’s eyes. This will probably cause the shark to let go.

5. Don’t enter the water bleeding, including menstruation. Sharks can smell the tiniest amount of blood from over a mile, and trace it to its source.

6. Avoid swimming in waters that are being fished or have a lot of baitfish present. Diving seabirds are a good indicator of this. Also stayt away if you see groups of dolphins, as they are attracted by the same foods sharks eat

7. Don’t wear shiny jewelry. The reflection underwater looks like shiny fish scales, which can attract sharks.

8. Avoid swimming in the water at night, dusk, or dawn. Sharks often feed during these times

9. Always swim in a group. Sharks often attack lone individuals.

10. Be careful when swimming or diving near sand bars or steep drop-offs. Sharks often congregate in these spots.

11. Don’t splash a lot. Like blood, sharks can detect even the faintest sound from long distances, and can mistake you for a wounded fish. Move gracefully.

12. Dress appropriately. Wear swimwear and wetsuits that do not have bright and flashy colors, as they can attract sharks. Also, avoid or cover uneven tanning, as the contrast makes you more visible underwater.

13. Avoid provoking sharks. Almost half of documented shark attacks result from provocation or harassment of sharks. Uase common sense, and give sharks plenty of space!

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