Top 10 Shark Games List

Sharks. They are terrifying and graceful, stealthy and beautiful. Here is a list of ten awesome shark games for you to try out: Only a couple of these are specifically Great White games - but you can use your imagination. And remember - these are living animals like you and me - they deserve your respect. Helps us save the sharks!

In Depth

In Depth, you can become a Great White shark, a tiger Shark or a Mako and experience the sights and sounds of the underwater world. Use your shark vision to track prey and rip the limbs off anything you see.

Shark Bait

Play Shark Bait and chomp your way through seals and divers. It's a bit bloody and gross but it's funny.

Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark Part 2 is a fun, fast-paced game to play on your iPhone. You'll have to eat your way to the top win.

Sydney Shark

Sydney Shark takes place in Australia. This is an online Flash game where you can bite people, ships and even any aircraft that's flying in the sky!

Miami Shark

Check out Miami Shark to take a crazy ride through the ocean causing lots of bloody destruction.

Mad Shark

You'll get addicted to Mad Shark, while you eat everything in sight, or get eaten.

Shark Attack

Play Shark Attack and save the sailors who have fallen overboard. Don't let them get eaten by the Great White shark that's lurking around.

Harpoon A Shark

In Harpoon a Shark, you've got to clear the seas of these dangerous creatures by harpooning them.

Little Fish in a Big Sea

Be the nice guy in Little Fish In A Big Sea game and help a little fish safely cross the oceans safely.

Fisher Girl

You can also be a nice guy in Fisher Girl by saving a child from a shark that has captured him.

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