Great White Shark Jaws Teeth

The powerful jaws and teeth of the great white shark are essential to it’s hunting and eating habits. Its teeth are instantly recognizable for their triangular shape and the serrated edges on both sides. An adult great white’s teeth are typically three inches long and are arranged in several rows of 20-25. Their teeth are rooted in cartilage-not bone-and fall out or break off often throughout its lifetime. When this occurs, they are replaced by the tooth behind it, like a snack vending machine. A new tooth can grow and be effective in as little as 24 hours, and can fall out within seven days. The great white’s jaws hold up to 300 teeth; the top row is used to cut and slice it’s prey while the bottom row holds it in place, in much the same way we’d use a fork and knife. These impressive jaws and teeth, combined with an estimated bite pressure of 4000 lbs per square inch, make great whites a truly awesome predator.




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