Preserving the Great White Shark

Through movies such as “Jaws” and common misperception, the great white shark continues to be one of the most vilified and feared creatures on earth. One factor that is not immediately recognized is that these predators play a very important role in the ocean’s ecosystem. Overfishing, gill nets and illegal long lines, and poaching for their jaws, teeth, and fins has begun to deplete the great white shark population around the world.

Want to help preserve the Great White and other species? 

Visit and support the following organizations:

Sharklife Conservation Group A top non profit support causes of all types of sharks. Based

in South Africa. 

The Shark Research Institute - Based in New Jersey, USA, this non-profit 501(c)(3) scientific research organization began as a way to sponsor and conduct research on sharks. Today, The Shark Research Institute continues to promote the conservation of sharks.

South African Shark Conservancy (SASC) - Offers an exciting 'Adobt a Shark' program.

Email us if you have suggestions for other shark preservation non profits.

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