Great White Sharks King of the Seas!

Great White sharks, aside from being a brutally efficient predator, are also one of the more interesting shark species. Since they do not thrive in captivity, much of what is known about the great white's behavior patterns has come about from years of research in the shark's own habitat.

Sharks have been roaming the seas for 400 million years, approximately 200 million years before dinosaurs, though great white sharks appeared in their current form around eleven million years ago. Various cultures have worshipped sharks as gods for centuries. Pearl divers in the western Pacific sought the blessings of a shark charmer prior to entering the water and tattooed themselves all over in order to pacify the shark gods. Samoans in particular worshipped great whites and hung its effigies from trees.

A great whites life span is not exactly known, though it is believed to live for approximately 20-30 years or more as an adult. A full-grown great white can grow up to twenty-one feet in length, but sightings of larger sharks have been reported. But a twenty-foot great white is not something one would ever want to encounter under water; a shark this length is eight feet wide and six feet deep. That's as wide as a Mack truck. Their size does not hamper their movements, however. Great whites are extremely agile swimmers, their movements appearing effortless and propelled by thick, scythe-shaped tails.

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